We have your back.
The smart indoor positioning solution for people you care
Beacon station
Leave no place unattended.
We'll keep an eye for you in every corner. Every beacon station deployed will be your person out there, reporting real-time status for you while you're not around.
Personal bracelet
Be app-free and care-free.
Alert button
Never miss an emergency call.
The personal bracelet makes sure everybody is in good hands. No extra smart devices, apps or confusing setting required, just wear the bracelet and it's done. The built-in location sensor will send location information to the nearby beacon station. In case of emergency, a press on the alert button can save lives.
How SilverEye Can Help
Live User Flow
All data would be presented in visual graphics. You can see the current location status of each person on the map. No confusing statistics.
Emergency Call
Help would only be helpful when it's in time. Once the user presses the alert button, SilverEye would immediately notify the people concerned.
Finding Lost Child
In addition to real-time data presentation, SilverEye keeps all history data. You can trace both the current location and history tail information to narrow down the search.
Health Monitor
Our bracelets can also integrate with sensors that collect data of user's physical status for your reference. Like, you'd be able to know much running your kid does in school today.
Restricted Zone Alert
As the user enters restricted or dangerous areas, the monitoring system would immediately be alerted.
Quality Service with Privacy
Daycare centers, pre-schools, campuses or even spa resorts, there are many places that need close monitoring but don't want a camera. SilverEye can watch without peeking.
How SilverEye Works
Real-time Data
All room status would be updated every 3-5 seconds.
Optimized Algorithm
The algorithm is optimized to enhance precision. We have reduced statistic error rate to 0.01389%.
Powerful Analytics
The data sets would be processed for advanced analysis.
Our bracelets
Positioning technology is all about precision and instantaneity. We offer Bluethooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) bracelets which can update location information by millisecond. There's more to it: the high transmitting frequency is accompanied by wide signal coverage and longer battery life.

With multiple built-in sensor, our bracelets can do more than positioning. It can measure heart rate, walking distance, even blood pressure. All history data would be carefully processed into meaningful reports.
Beacon stations
Every 3-5 seconds, the beacon station deployed in the room will scan location information from the bracelets and send the latest data to cloud. All room status would be updated 20 times per minute to make sure we capture the slightest change of each place.

We know Location information is very personal, and your privacy is our first concern. So, we choose Intel® IoT Gateways as our beacon stations. All data collected from bracelets would be sent to a private cloud via the quality and secure gateways of intel®'s.
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SilverEye is flexible to integration for wide variety of application possibility.
Have specific requirements? Feel free to write us an email for detailed discussion.
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